Self-Care Isn't a Cure-All

"I have long been a critic of the standard self-care narrative. Too many mamas, myself included, feel that “taking time for self-care” is considered a “cure-all” and often something they feel that they’re not able to fully or appropriately accomplish, which can often leave a mama feeling like it’s one more thing she’s not doing “right” and that’s not good, plain and simple."


Mourning the Loss of Pre-Parenthood You

"What  I hear parents talk about, and what the research points to, are three  key areas of loss associated with the transition to parenthood: Loss of freedom (I can’t do what I want or need to do when or how I want), loss of self-identity (this baby has consumed me and I don’t recognize myself), loss of social/community (I’m isolated and alone.)"

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Readying Your Mind for Winter

“Our brain is the product of millennia of evolution carefully attuned and wired to these natural cycles. Just a few generations ago (pre-industrial revolution), after the harvest season was complete we readied ourselves for cooler darker days spent by a fire. Winter was time to hunker down and slow your roll. This isn’t the case anymore. Our world keeps racing at the same pace it always has, despite the changing of the seasons. I believe that understanding this is key to tending to our mental health during the winter months.”

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Preparing for a Kickass Postpartum

“What kind of a postpartum (or transition) you have doesn’t depend entirely on your birth experience.  While it certainly is outstanding if you had the kind of birth you planned, prepared, and hoped for, it’s not all that matters when it comes to rocking your postpartum. Everyone is susceptible to face struggles during the transition to parenthood and it’s my hope that having a better understanding of what to expect will help you be better prepared to face anything that you may experience.”

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Defining Dignity in Childbirth

“We must stop assuming that the need for basic human dignity cannot be maintained in the face of any potentially dangerous situation.  We must stop assuming that in the face of any risk – perceived or actual – our values go out the window.”


The Doula Difference

It is this deep and profound respect for birth, and for women, that a doula brings to every birth she attends.  When a woman in labor is treated with this type of respect and reverence (continuously) it’s easy to understand why the outcomes for doula support are so great.  Doulas “mother the mother” during a very critical and vulnerable time in her life.”